Calendar shoot for No Name Shoes x Romie2000

2020 calendar shoot for No Name Shoes x Romie2000 with the leading theme ‘Express Yourself’. The calendar was launched with an exhibition in Paris during fashion week and will also be exhibited in NYC and Tokyo. The proceeds of the project will go to local woman empowerment movements

Sticks & Stones

5 pages in Sticks & Stones first published hardcover book: Shelflife No.1 “Hair”. Enjoy!

Final trip: Moscow

New series with some highlights of my last trip to Moscow for ‘the Project’, now online on the Sticks & Stones website. The photos and stories are used for the exhibition and my new book in 2020.

Sander Dekker x Torch Gallery

Jan-2019. Recap video of the solo exhibition ‘My name is Sander Dekker’ in TORCH Gallery Amsterdam. One part of the exhibition shows photo’s that belong to the ongoing series ‘The Project’, while the other part is an installation called ‘TenFifteen’, consisting of THOUSANDS of black & white pictures.

Item written by Edo Dijksterhuis for Parool

Parool (15-06-2018) Berichtje sturen, vliegtuig in en klikMy Name is Sander Dekker doet onherroepelijk denken aan Diane Arbus. De in 1971 overleden New Yorkse fotografeerde dwergen, nudisten, transgenders en circusvolk. Ze gaf een gezicht aan mensen in de marge, die als freak werden beschouwd. Met keihard flitslicht zette zij ze haarscherp neer, niet altijd even flatteus. Met haar werk […]

Happy collector

I met Jody in my gallery. While expanding her private art collection, she was drawn to my work as well. At the moment of the shoot, she spend a lot of time in the gym pumping iron. I’m always attracted to opposites and the balance between her muscular body and feminine intrigued me. She was […]

Story behind: #Foodporn

Somehow London is always treating me with nice surprises. During my last stay in an Airbnb apartment somewhere in Hackney, I found out that the room I was staying, was connected to a small photo studio. It was clear that the owner loved to collect ‘characteristic stuff’. Between the room and the studio, there was […]