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Since 2011, I have been traveling to places all over the world for The Social Media Project: a photography series I started out of a fascination with eccentric people. To visit and shoot spontaneous, outgoing, and at times wonderfully weird strangers. Those are all qualities I admire and feel connected to. But truth is: my own insecurities keep me away from being like the individuals I portray. The project is a way to connect with them and to come closer to the eccentricity I praise—and even envy. 

For each zine I dive into the life of one person. Often for several days to connect to each other without the camera as an obstacle. I select each individual as a subject, not a mere object. That’s the reason why I dub them The Beautiful Ones in my books: it’s my ode to the strength, quirks and beauty in each and every one of them. As people, not as a photography peep show. 

Zine Nº1 / Annemarijn

Annemarijn is the first to grace the pages of my zine series. We went on a trip together, starting at her apartment with red wine and old rock songs to get to know each other. Her Instagram tagline of ‘Fruit-eating forest fairy’ I remember from my social media scouring, turned out to be surprisingly accurate…

Zine Nº1 / Annemarijn + Limited edition print

Release date: Mid-2021
Edition: 25 + 2AP
Soft-touch cover
32 pages
21 x 30 cm
All zines are signed and numbered