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The Social Media Project

“The Social Media Project” is a series of portraits made by Sander Dekker from 2011 to 2019, the heyday of social media.

His subjects are never his friends or acquaintances, but people he finds on social media. He chooses people he admires as his subjects: outgoing, spontaneous, and always a bit eccentric. He contacts them to ask if he can photograph them at home, then books a ticket and gets on the plane. Raging through their house together, Dekker captures the high energy of that first encounter. A shoot usually last for an hour or so, before he’s off to his next visit. Meeting his models just before the session and working without a preconceived concept, creates the spontaneity that is distinctive of Dekker’s work. It results in great compositions and surprising crops that reflect the freedom and expressiveness of the people in front of his camera. When trying to capture their personalities, it’s almost as if Dekker hopes that these qualities will rub off on him. Yet after all these years, he prefers to stay behind the camera, where he can admire their eccentric beauty and pay tribute to them through his pictures.“The Social Media Project” is a series of portraits made by Sander Dekker from 2011 to 2019, the heyday of social media.


Solo presentations
02-2020 Strayfield Gallery / Hellerup, DK

06-2018  Torch art gallery / Amsterdam, NL
02-2018  Amsterdam CS, NL
10-2016  30Works gallery / Cologne, DE
10-2015  Walls Gallery / Amsterdam, NL
01-2014  Majke Hüsstege / Den Bosch, NL
07-2012  Walls Gallery / Amsterdam, NL

Art fairs (selection)
04-2017 6voor6 Art Fair / Amsterdam, NL
12-2016 This Art Fair / Amsterdam, NL
12-2015 This Art Fair / Amsterdam, NL
09-2015 We Are The Guys / Amsterdam, NL
05-2015 KunstRAI / Amsterdam, NL
11-2014 PAN AMS / Amsterdam, NL
02-2014 Great Last Minute Art Fair / Rot., NL
02-2013 Art at the Warehouse Rotterdam, NL
01-2013 Realisme / Amsterdam, NL

Group (selection)
07-2020 Strayfield Gallery / Hellerup, DK
06&12-2018 Arti et Amicitiae / Amsterdam, NL
09-2017 Josilda da Donceição / Amsterdam, NL
07-2017 Torch art gallery / Amsterdam, NL
01&09-2016 Bright Side Gallery / Amsterdam, NL
06-2015 Schau Fenster Gallery / Berlin, DE
03-2015 FB69 gallery / Münster, DE
01-2015 Walls Gallery / Amsterdam, NL
03&10-2014 Walls Gallery / Amsterdam, NL
10-2013 Flaxon Ptootch / London, UK
01-2013 Walls Gallery / Amsterdam, NL
05&08-2012 Walls Gallery / Amsterdam, NL

Special projects (selection)
05-2018 ODAM / Amsterdam, NL

09-2016 OFFF by night / Antwerp, BE
09-2013 Nuit Blanche / Amsterdam, NL
07-2013 FOAM / Amsterdam, NL
06-2013 Frankendael / Amsterdam, NL
06-2013 FOAM / Amsterdam, NL
10-2012 FOAM / Amsterdam, NL

Fine art print enquiries
Torch Art Gallery
Amsterdam, NL

Fine art print enquiries
Hellerup, DK

Special projects
Marloes van Vugt, art management
Amsterdam, NL

Personal & other
© Sander Dekker 2020