My name is Sander Dekker Nº2

My first big, fat, coffee table book. 192 pages, with more than 100 eccentrics, 17 stories and 2 interludes with photos of the TenFifteen installations. You better get a strong table for this!

Dido Fontana

Sander Dekker and the beautiful creatures For those who only see a lot of pussies and weird characters: you don’t understand a fucking shit. But that’s okay.

Marloes van Vugt

“recognizing the stranger in yourself actually forms a bridge to the other, because the other is also strange” And it is exactly this that forms the core of Sander Dekkers work. While embracing his own strangeness, he makes a true connection with his models. It’s what makes his work so very appealing. So goodbye to trying to be real; I hope you will acknowledge your stranger somewhere in this book.

Mo van der Have

In this wonderful monograph, you will find more than just photographs. They are energetic, humorous and give close-ups with interesting back stories, which give you an insight into his world. His tribute to “the beautiful ones”.