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TenFifteen is an installation that offer an impression of the complete work of Dekker. All photos in the installation measure ten by fifteen centimeters, hence the name: ‘TenFifteen’.

The thousands of black and white photos, side by side, reflect the countless pictures we come across every day. The medium photography is used by many to let others peek into their daily experiences. It is fascinating how the private and intimate becomes public and exposed.

By enlarging this habit, he celebrates this openness of people, while at the same time aiming at awareness of this use. While looking at any art, people not rarely develop an opinion. In this case, it would be interesting to compare one’s view on the installation to his own identity on social media. How can you relate to all these photos that are in front of you


2020-  Club Nyx / AMS, NL

Permanent installation
2020-     Strayfield / Hellerup, DK
2018-     Torch gallery / AMS, NL
2018-     Hotel not Hotel / AMS, NL →

05-2019 Former ABN AMRO / AMS, NL
06-2018 Arti et Amicitiae / AMS, NL
06-2018 Torch gallery / AMS, NL → VIDEO  
06-2018 ODAM at Georgies / AMS, NL
02-2018 Amsterdam CS, NL
09-2017 Josilda da Donceição / A’dam, NL
09-2016 Bright Side Gallery / AMS, NL
10-2015 Walls Gallery / AMS, NL
01-2014 Majke Hüsstege / Den Bosch, NL

Art Fairs
02-2014 The Great Last Minute Art Fair / ROT, NL
04-2017 6voor6 Art Fair / AMS, NL